Presented by Pascal Mestdach and Nick Van Eeckhout


Does your analysis suffer from Waterfallitis? Or doesn’t your agile team need analysis at all?
Then this session is for you. We present to you the Agile Analysis Toolbox Poster : a great Information Radiator for your team. Where do analysis methods like Business Process Modelling(BPMN), Specification by Example, User Stories, User Story Mapping, Wireframing, Technology Spikes, Personas, Information architecture, Prototyping, Project Charter,… fit in the Agile Development Process?

On other XP-Days editions some of these methods were already covered, now we zoom in on Wireframing withBalsamiq Mockups: the ultimate way to get fast user feedback before even writing the first letter of code.

Format and length: 60 mins interactive presentation + tool demo

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Anyone in an agile team can benefit from this session.

Objective(s) of the session:

Make it clear how powerful wireframes can be, and what other agile analysis techniques should be considered in agile projects.

Benefits for participants and presenter(s):

Participants get a toolbox with practices they can follow to do analysis in an agile way, to enhance the user experience of their applications.
Presenters would like feedback on the toolbox, maybe practices they don’t know or forgot about.