Ole Jepsen is a highly-esteemed Agile facilitator and mentor for organizations experiencing change. Using his expertise in Agile methodologies – a people-centric, facilitative approach to achieving success – Ole works with organizations to help leaders and teams gain various perspectives and share experiences to create ownership and get results. It is an involving and engaging way to lead a team, and it results in happier teams and increased business value. This is the key to a lasting enterprise-wide Agile transformation.

Ole is a founder of the Agile Project Leadership Network (now the Agile Leadership Network), having started the “Learning and Recognition” Committee – working on defining and implementing a three-level certification program for great Agile Project Leaders. Ole is also the founder of the Danish Agile User Group – and he is active in the international Agile community, speaking at conferences and consulting worldwide.


+45 50 52 62 12.