Presented by Bart Reyserhove


This session tells the story of how and why a large financial institution migrated two product teams from a waterfall approach to a distributed Scrum approach. The presenter will share his real life experiences on a number of challenges, lessons learned and best practices he discovered along the way.

The session will first give an overview of how Scrum is used to make it work in a distributed environment within a large, complex financial institution but the session will also cover how you prepare a transition to Scrum in such an environment.

This tranformation impacted about 50 people of different organizations (customer and supplier) and out of different countries (The Netherlands and India mainly).

Next to the general story line following interesting questions will be answered in the session:

  • How to deal with mandatory Scrum meetings in a distributed environment?
  • How did we solve the delivery of mandatory governance requirements?
  • What to do with the definition of Ready and how do you make sure you get enough product backlog itemsready for the team.

But of course we will also tell you something more about the main difficulties we experienced, and about what we learnt along the way. There were also a couple of surprises and we certainly want to share those with you.

Format and length:

Length: 60 minutes
Format: presentation

Intended audience and prerequisites:

The intented audience for this session are:
1) People that want to start distributed Scrum project in large organizations or
2) People that want to transform (parts of) large organizations to Scrum

Objective(s) of the session:

Tell people what worked for us when going towards distributed Scrum in a large organization. 
Let other people learn from the mistakes we made (and most probably still make ;-))

Benefits for participants and presenter(s):

The participants will not only get an idea on what works well and what does not when running distributed Scrum projects. They will get an idea on how you can run Scrum projects in a large organization. In the session practical tips will also be shared so that participants can really take those home with them and start applying them in their own projects or remember them when they will start their own distributed Scrum project.